'Find Your Dive Buddy'
Interactive Prototype

Mobile application
User research | Brand Identity | Wireframes | High-fidelity Prototype
User research | Brand Identity | Wireframes | High-fidelity Prototype


Create a Mobile Application by using Design Thinking.

The aim of the project was to identify key factors, needs and requirements for the buddy system mobile app that will help scuba divers find their scuba diving buddy.

The scope included researching the scuba diving domain and its users to gather key insights, then translate and apply these into the designs – high-fidelity prototype of the mobile app, which would contain key data regarding scuba divers, their history of diving, their certifications, their locations and other key factors


Research was a primary and key phase that led the design to the mobile app for a scuba diving domain. The research focused on examining the behaviour and habits of scuba divers when diving with another scuba diver.

Key findings derived from the analysis of the results gathered with an online survey distributed to users from the scuba diving community, and from the review of the existing literature and articles on the subject.


In the design phase - the implementation of research findings served as the basis for the creation of the sketches and later on low-fidelity wireframes. The wireframes were useful in testing the functionality and the actual interaction of the users with the mobile application.

Handmade sketches
app flow


In relation to the user testing, modifications were made to the wireframes and additional screens were added and a high-fidelity prototype was created in Axure RP.

app screen
app screens
Isometric iPhone app mockup

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