"All I can do is be me, whoever that is"

Bob Dylan

Laura's Story

Ambitious seeker of knowledge thriving on learning new things, a broad thinker with a sharp mind with a background in business and languages...uh and let’s do not forget a massive coffee lover with a hell of a sense of humour.

Since I can remember it was all about creating beautiful things. As a kid drawing, sketching, painting, crafting, – it was the way of life! But as we grow up sometimes life chooses another path and in my case - the business industry and interpreting/translating domain which was my main profession for a decade.

For the last couple of years, I have combined my knowledge and found my new passion - the world of User Experience.

Now my main area is UX and everything related to this – I love the industry and love the people I’ve met. I love getting involved in the process – from the very first contact with the stakeholders up to the end product. Honestly, I just love making the web a better place for all of us.

What Else...

.... I exploring cities an capturing the moments, another hobby - PHOTOGRAPHY; Then ... scuba diving in Croatia or just having a nice cup of coffee (..two, three...) by Ljubljanica or watching “everything-that-has-to-do-with-supernatural” movies/tv-shows.

p.s. In 2017 I completed my Master’s Degree in User Experience Design 🤓 at Kingston University, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing .

How it all works?

Observe | Discover | Research

Understand systems, patterns and behaviours by using the quantitative and qualitative methods.
[ interviews, surveys,observations and other forms of research.]

Analyse | Evaluate | Document

Getting from data to insight - summarize the data, the user insight.

[ personas, scenarios, framework, IA, workflows ...]

Brainstorm | Design | Build

Sketch, create wireframes and interaciton prototypes - give the visual impression of the end product. Structure, label and organize the content.

[ interaction design, wireframes, visual design, prototypes and specifications ]

Validate | Iterate | Deliver

Validate the design by testing it with users. When validated iterate.

[ iterate, usability testing]

I my tools

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