Marine Sport Dive Center

Service Design | UX Research | Heuristic Evaluation | Wireframes | Highfidelity prototype | Webdesign

'A deep dive into the dimensions of customer experience, cross-channels and digitalisation'

A case study of a diving centre in Croatia

UX Researcher & Designer

The project explored the overall customer experience at the dive centre in Croatia, and the channels, platforms and factors that affect it, and identify the needs to improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

By researching the current state of the dive centre findings presented interpretations of the customer’s relationship with the dive centre and the overall service of the dive centre. These results were reached by using different methods.

To understand the dive centre’s service, the study explored the overall customer experience at the dive centre and focused on identifying key requirements and factors that define and affect it. Service design methodology was an appropriate methodology to discover the end to end UX and business processes within the diving centre.

Data Collection and Analysis

Before beginning with the data gathering the whole structure of the dimensions of how the customers interact with the dive centre was sketched out. Sketching out all the channels customers use to reach the dive centre and the possible issues they might have and obstacles they might come across.

The primary data were collected with two qualitative methods: autoethnography & structured questionnaires. Later on in the process additional data was collected with an online survey.

The raw data were explored then begane to spate, sort out and combine them using qualitative coding. The analysis of the collected data was conducted in these sequential steps:

Sketch of customer dimension
User Journey
Service Blueprint


A heuristic evaluation was conducted on the MS DC multi-language websites, where all the platforms of the website where inspected to acknowledge the usability issues needed to be fixed. The primary purpose of the website is to establish an effective communicational and informational channel for its users. The latter provides access to three sites, and each site supports a single language.

Landing page of Marine Sport DC
The original German version of the Marine Sport dive center Home page

Marine Sport DC - German home page, created in 2000

The original italian version of the Marine Sport dive center Home page

Marine Sport DC - Italian home page, designed in 2000

The redesigned English version of the Marine Sport dive center Home page

Marine Sport DC - English home page, redesigned in 2012

A site map and low fidelity wireframes were created which changed during the course of the project.

Initial Site Map
Iterated Site Map

During the initial usability testing, the need for additional pages 'Accommodation' and 'FAQ' was presented.

Low Fidelity Wireframes


After the completion of the information architecture and the low fidelity wireframes tested, I moved onto styling the user interface. Following the style guide and the changes, the high fidelity prototype in Adobe Muse. The latter was tested with users and where needed, tweaked. The final version of the website was then coded.

Colour Palette
Language websites

Visit Marine Sport DC to see the live site.

Deliverables: User Research, Service Blueprint, Affinity Diagram, Wireframes, Functional Prototype, Website

Methods employed: Autoethnography, Diary Study, Empirical & Theoretical Research, Grounded Theory, Heuristic Evaluation, Online Survey, Observation, Service Design, Structured Questionnaire and Interviews, SWOT analysis.

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